Early in 2001 Priory of Brion disbanded and  Robert formed another new band, Strange Sensation. When the band first played showed they were billed as Robert Plant and his Strange Sensations but were eventually called Strange Sensation when they hit the states. Zeppelin numbers were added to the setlist along with a few songs from the psychedelic era. 

Band Members

After Priory of Brion Plant formed a new band entitled Strange Sensation. Plant joined up with some old friends to form the group.

Clive Deamer - drummer

Charlie Jones - bass - After missing out on the Priory of Brion. Charlie joins back up for Strange Sensation.

John Baggott, keyboards,

Justin Adams - guitar - has an official website

Porl Thompson, guitar - Once played with Page/Plant during the first two US tours for No Quarter.

Strange Sensation Songs

This page lists, in alphabetical order, songs performed by Robert Plant with Strange Sensation. 
A House Is Not A Motel (Lee)
Written by Arthur Lee, this was the first song taken from Love's Forever Changes, one of Robert's own favorite albums. 
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 
Zeppelin concert was a show highlight.
Bummer In The Summer (Lee)
This was the second track taken from Love's Forever Changes album. 
Darkness Darkness (Young)
Written by Jesse Colin Young for the Youngbloods. Usually there are long instrumental sections, during which the flavor can vary from rock to jazz.
Early In The Morning (Bartley/Hickman)
Another song which has been recorded by artists too numerous to mention. 
Four Sticks 
Rockin version of the Zeppelin classic. 
Hey Joe (Roberts)
The song is the Jimi Hendrix classic, once recorded as a demo by the Band of Joy. 
In The Light
A real crowd pleaser.
Lazy Me (Mosley)
This was written by Bob Mosley for Moby Grape, another of Robert's favorite bands. 
Misty Mountain Hop
Zeppelin IV classic usually played as a set closer before the encores.
Morning Dew (Dobson/Rose)
Tim Rose, Episode Six and the Grateful Dead have each performed this song.
Season Of The Witch (Leitch)
Written by Donovan, this was also recorded by Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger.
7 + 7 is...
Usually showed up early in the set.
Song To The Siren (Beckett/Buckley)
This Tim Buckley song was usually the concert closer.
Whole Lotta Love
Played as an encore.